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Berkeley Adventure Playground

Adventure Playground
Hours & Fees: see
Location: 162 University Ave.
Berkeley Marina
Berkeley, CA

Includes: Group reservations, drop-off program, clothing restrictions.
Adventure Playground, one of the Top 5 play spaces in America, was launched in 1979. (One other Adventure Playground in Huntington Beach is open to kids during the summer months.) Kids can climb on kid designed and built forts, boats, and towers, ride the zip line or hammer, saw, and paint. Adventure Playgrounds were a concept that are credited to a European playground designer post WWII. He studied children playing and found that they preferred playing in dirt and lumber from the post war rubble. Children had the most fun designing and building their own equipment and manipulating their environment. The formula for Adventure Playgrounds includes Earth, fire, water, and lots of creative materials. Low risk activities at Adventure Playground creates opportunities for children to learn cooperation, meet physical challenges and gain self confidence.

Adventure Playground is designed for children 7 and older, though younger kids can attend as long as they are within arms reach of a participating adult. Parents of older children are encouraged to participate and help out with safety for all children. Everyone needs to sign the walk-in waiver when you come in.

Everyone must wear sturdy shoes like tennis shoes, NOT flip flops, sandals, crocs or clogs. Wear clothes that can get dirty, wet, painted on and you may consider bringing a change of clothes for wet or muddy days. Paint is water based tempera (school paint) and it may not come out of clothing even with pre treating.

Adult Helpers are needed to: assist kids with clamps and picking out the soft woods for them to learn to saw and hammer on; stand at the base of the trolley to help shovel sand at a 45 degree angle so the children slow down and stop, and much more.

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