Arroyo Grande, CA Maps for Travel Planning and Vacations

Arroyo Grande is the Central Coast gateway to wine country. The road leading outside of town away from Interstate 101 takes you through some scenic hills where vineyards dot the landscape. It is one of the most beautiful and enjoyable wine country drives in all of California.

But for people who like authentic Central Coast, just drive downtown to the old shopping district. Park your car near the swinging bridge, and plan to spend a couple hours browsing the shops, grabbing some grub, and soaking up the local vibe. Roosters near the swinging bridge offer entertainment as you watch them strut like they own the place. Sometimes you might even see them cross the road and when they do, you keep your fingers crossed that they won't get hit. The locals are prepared, and tourists need to drive slow and watch for the cock-a-doodle-doo critters.

The most popular event in old town Arroyo Grande is the Memorial Weekend Strawberry festival voted by Sunset magazine as the best Memorial Event in all of California. We may disagree, because there's an equally interesting Strawberry Festival in Garden Grove going on at the same time. But for Central Coast, California journeys that include beaches, wine country and old-fashioned vacations, just book yourself a room at one of the Arroyo Grande hotels, or stay up the road in Pismo Beach on the beach, and you'll have the time of your life!

When you go: Be sure to visit Pismo Beach beaches; the Wine Country trails; Nipomo / Guadalupe Sand Dunes; and 2 missions south on Interstate 101 in Solvang and Lompoc.

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