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Shipley-Magee House Carlsbad, CA

Shipley-Magee House, Carlsbad, California Historical Society 

258 Beech Street
Carlsbad, CA
(760) 434-9189

The charming Shipley-Magee House in Carlsbad, Calif. on Beech Street is open to the public on weekends for learning experiences. The fabulous house/museum includes incredible photo displays, memorabilia and timelines of key moments in the city's and region's history. Among them are are a timeline of the rainfall and drought in Carlsbad's 100 year history, a giant chicken statue that came from a restaurant in town, and a wonderful heritage rose garden surrounding the historic Carlsbad craftsman style house built in 1887. The nationally registered rose plants include over 125 roses from approx. 15 rose families. Fragrance and beauty set the stage for exploration of Carlsbad and San Diego history.

While some of the many items in the home are examples of the type of furniture and items one might find during a certain era, the tastefully decorated house and displays are entertaining, educational and create a sense of curiosity to explore Carlsbad's history more.

Then next time to visit Carlsbad to see Legoland California or shop at the Carlsbad Outlets, do drive by the historic home on Beech Street within Magee Park maintained by the City of Carlsbad.

  • 1881 - John Frazier settles on Government surveyed land north of Rancho Agua Hedionda
  • 1883 - Frazier discovers artesian and mineral water near coast
  • 1886 - Capitalizing on Frazier's discovery, the real estate development company "Carlsbad Land and Water Company" is formed. It purchases Frazier's property and additional acreage north of Rancho Agua Hedionda and establishes the town of Carlsbad
  • 1887 - Building lots subdivided, building boom in Carlsbad
  • 1890 - Robert Kelly dies, wills Rancho Agua Hedionda to nieces and nephews
  • 1900 - Land bust in Southern California- Carlsbad almost abandoned
  • 1914 - South Coast Land Company purchases remaining land from defunct Carlsbad Land and Water Company
  • 1922 - Water piped in from the San Luis Rey River allow development of Flower and avocado industry
  • 1927 - Highway 101 diversion completed through Carlsbad, State highway bypasses downtown business district.
  • 1930 - Carlsbad Mineral Springs Hotel opens- tourism industry born in Carlsbad
  • 1936 - Army Navy Academy moves to Carlsbad
  • 1937 - Leo Carrillo purchase Matthew Kelly homestead Los Kiotes
  • 1940's - WWII comes to Carlsbad, houses demand increases
  • 1952 - City of Carlsbad incorporates

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