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Andres Pico Adobe, Los Angeles, CA

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Andres Pico Adobe is the second oldest Adobe home in the City of Los Angeles! 10940 Sepulveda Blvd., Mission Hills, CA 91345 Phone: (818) 365-7810.

In 1845, Andres Pico and Juan Manso were granted a nine-year lease for the San Fernando Valley. Pico was a rancher at the time. The 35-year old lived at the Pueblo of Los Angeles while his brother, Pio, was governor in 1845.

Andres never lived in the Adobe, but sold his interest in the Valley to his brother Pio, who kept the land until 1869, when he sold the undivided one-half interest to the San Fernando Farm Homestead Association. In 1874 Catarina and Romulo Pico, adopted children of Andres, married and moved into the Adobe. They modernized it by adding a kitchen and two wings and the second floor. A wooden floor was laid atop the Mission tile floor, and other "Yankee" improvements were made. Catarina and Romulo lived in the Adobe until the late 1800's. By 1925 it was vandalized and near destruction. In1965 the City of Los Angeles purchased the property and saved the Adobe from destruction. The property is administered by the Department of Recreation and Parks who maintain the grounds and exterior of the buildings.

The Adobe is managed by a historical society as a living museum.

Rancho Days is held annually to depict early California living by exhibit, demonstrations, food, etc., held on the third Sunday of September; and Las Posadas, the enactment of the Mexican Christmas procession on the Saturday before Christmas.

Restoration: The original house was a one-story building 45 feet long. The main foundation was of water worn boulders, the northwest wing foundation of boulders and mission tiles and the north wing of the mission tile only.

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