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Merced County Courthouse

When driving on Highway 99, do stop and visit the lovely courthouse.
Location: 21st and N Streets, Merced, CA
Free admission
Hours vary, check website

Merced, California is described as the gateway to Yosemite. Located approx. 2 hours by car from Yosemite National Park, studies of travelers stopping at the California Welcome Center or grabbing a bite to eat in Merced show that Yosemite National Park is one of the most popular destinations of travelers stopping in town . However, a pit stop in Merced compels travelers to linger and check out the unique architecture seen in the historic Merced County Courthouse Museum, and to enjoy the lush park lawns, and unique shops.

Located in California's farm belt of the Central Valley, you can see that Merced has been a glory city of elegance and charm. The picturesque settings provide ideal places for movie location scouts to provide for films that require an "any town" look that captures the essence of old-fashioned, neat & trim. Some of the architecture around the city dates back over 100 years, providing the historical sense of place that modern beach cities along the California coast simply lack.

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