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Chinese Temple Historic Landmark 

Oroville Chinese Temple
1500 Broderick Street

OROVILLE, CALIF. --Unique in that it serves many eastern religions as The Temple of Many deities (Liet Sheng Kong), separate temples for Confucianism and Buddhism were added to this 1863 complex built to serve the largest community of Chinese north of Sacramento.

It is a temple of treasures listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is also a California Landmark.

Oroville Chinese Temple once provided a place of worship for over 10,000 Chinese residents, thanks to funds provided by the Emperor and Empress of China. Most Chinese left Oroville after the great flood of 1907. Some returned to China and others moved to Sacramento or San Francisco. The temple was deeded to the City of Oroville in 1937 and opened to visitors in 1949. Highlights include Tapestry Hall with an extensive collection of embroidered tapestries, three chapels and a magnificent meditation garden with plantings that originated in China.

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