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Ceremonies and Events at San Francisco's Asian Art Museum


200 Larkin St.
San Francisco, CA
(415) 581.3500
closed: Mondays, Christmas Day
$15 admission, 1st Sunday is Target free day (subject to change)

The Asian Art Museum welcomes the new year with its annual Mochi-Pounding Ceremony on Jan. 10th. On Jan. 9th, hear author Tamam Kahn talk about her book, Untold–The Story of Prophet Muhammad's Wives and Daughter Fatima. Don't miss the Jan. 24th film screening of Buddhist Art: A Fragile Inheritance followed by a Q&A.

Dec. 31 - Asian Art Museum hosts its annual Japanese Bell-Ringing Ceremony to herald the start of a fresh new year. In this contemplative and festive ceremony, participants can strike the museum's 2,100-lb., 16th-century Japanese bronze bell to herald the start of a fresh New Year.

January 9, 2015 Untold–The Story of Prophet Muhammad's Wives and Daughter Fatima - This talk will bring to life the women around the Prophet Muhammad. Why is it hard to find a book in English on Fatima, their daughter, who is as famous as Mary, mother of Jesus? We know almost nothing of his Jewish wives, or the Christian mother of his son, Ibrahim. Discover these nearly forgotten women through these stories and poems distilled from 12 years of research.

January 10 Omochitsuki! Mochi-Pounding Ceremony - Celebrate the Japanese New Year with Kagami Kai, an acclaimed mochi group, as it presents the colorful and exciting New Year tradition of mochi pounding to make delectably sweet rice cakes, with lively music, energetic dance and traditional costumes.

January 24 Film Screening: Buddhist Art: A Fragile Inheritance - The spread of Buddhism from India throughout Asia has left a legacy of truly great art. This new film by the award-winning Mark Stewart Productions tells the story of that fragile inheritance through the treasures of Bhutan and Ladakh in the Himalayas and the Dunhuang Grottoes on the Silk Road in China.

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