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San Francisco Exploratorium

Pier 15
San Francisco, CA

Have you been to Exploratorium? Recently departing its old home near the Palace of Fine Arts and heading for Pier 15, ticket sales begin April 1, 2013, for the April 17 launch of the new museum location featuring 3 times more space than the old location. WOW!

600 exhibits in 6 main galleries are divided up into these main galleries and subjects:

Outdoor Gallery: 1.5 acres of free space to investigate exhibits about water, fog, wind, rain, daily cycles of the sun and more.

Human Behavior - Bernard and Barbro Osher West Gallery: The art and science of human behavior.

Seeing & Listening - Bechtel Central Gallery: A lab for investigation into physics and human perception of light and sound.

Living Systems - East Gallery: Experience the beauty and complexity of life through interactive investigations of living organisms.

Maker Culture in The Tinkering Studio -South Gallery: Build, make, hack, create, invent and experiment.

Observing the Landscape - Fisher Bay Observatory Gallery: All-glass gallery becomes a transparent lens to both the waterfront and the cityscape with a 360-degree view of the natural and constructed worlds.

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