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Waterfalls near Redding, CA

Each waterfall visible in spring after rains is less than a 90-minute drive from Redding, California

Brandy Creek Falls

Brandy Creek Falls is one of the widest waterfalls in Whiskeytown National Recreation Area with five cascades that rush over the granite rock of the canyon. Here you will find the unique Indian Rhubarb plant displaying bright colors in spring and fall.

Burney Falls

The 129-foot waterfall is fed by underground springs and never runs slow. It pumps more than 100 million of gallons of water daily, which is why it is known as the eighth wonder of the world.

Crystal Creek

This easily accessible must see waterfall in Whiskeytown National Recreation Area connects to a less traveled trail, leading to a multitude of falling cascades. If you have time to swim, this spot is not only picturesque but also a secret local spot.

Hedge Creek Falls

Check out the small cave located behind this waterfall, offering a unique perspective from behind the cascading water.

Potem Creek Falls

If you are looking for adventure in the Redding area, you won't want to miss this local hangout - an easy hike to a hidden 45-foot waterfall into a deep canyon.

Hatchet Creek Falls

Lion Slide Falls, or Hachet Creek Falls as it's known by locals, is easily accessible on a short trail. Down the center of the waterfall rests a fallen tree, transformed into a stairway by a brave chainsawer, which is one of two paths to the top of the waterfall.

Lower McCloud Falls

This is the lowest of three levels of the McCloud River Falls, with a 12-foot broad plunge into a large pool. Surrounding the pool are large rocks perfect for sunbathing, making this location popular for swimming and relaxing.

Middle McCloud Falls

Middle Falls is the largest and most impressive with a 44-foot drop, and provides a magnificent view. This waterfall is one of the widest in California at 120 feet, creating a veil of white water during spring. Rock jumping and swimming is a favorite local pastime.

Upper McCloud Falls

The swift river escapes a narrow gorge to crash on small steps to a beautiful aquamarine pool at its base, ready to catch your spirit and calm your soul.

Whiskeytown Falls

This magnificent waterfall is the tallest in Whiskeytown National Recreation Area at a towering 220 feet. It was rediscovered in 2004 after being kept secret since 1967. This trail is a bit more challenging than others but the beauty of the falls is worth the hike.

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