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World's Tallest Trees are Natural Wonder

Tall -- Sometimes things are so tall that we lose sight of the forest for the trees, so to speak. In the Redwoods State and National Park are the tallest trees in the world. An adventurous team of scientists in 2006 discovered not one but three new trees that shattered the record for the world's tallest tree surpassing 379 feet. Standing in the penthouse of a a skyscaper 31 stories tall, you could presumably look over to see the top of the world's tallest tree.

Michael Taylor and Chris Atkins used a laser measurement, confirmed afterward by Steve Sillet, who climbed up the tree and dropped a tape from his position straight to the ground. The event was filmed by National Geographic.

The tallest tree is actually not easily accessible and not marked, due to those who discovered it but want to protect its health. When you stand and look up, you are looking so far into the sky that you really have a hard time fathoming how tall a tree can grow. you'll be moved with waves of emotion. As you stand there and look up at the massive fortresses that measure their lives in the thousands of years it puts everything in perspective.

Seeing the biggest, tallest and oldest trees in the world!

When you enter the silent forests, you gain a quiet moment free from noise. You can visit the Redwood Coast and see the tallest trees in the world; head for the Sierra Nevada mountains to Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Forest where you'll find the biggest trees in the world (and the nation's Christmas tree); go to Calaveras Big Trees State Park where the Big Trees created a sensation that the rest of the world hardly could believe when news spread of their discovery; and top off your trip with a visit to Yosemite National Park, where big waterfalls frame big trees.

Redwood National Park

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