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San Diego Zoo is A Must-See Attraction - click photos above to see!

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Give me an hour and I'll see the San Diego Zoo--that's exactly how much time I allowed myself to spend when I purchased a San Diego Orange Trolley day pass. It made stops all over the city so I budgeted my time as best I could. One hour at the zoo just isn't I'll go back! And you should, too. Give yourself plenty of time to take pictures. An entire day is best, but if you are traveling with small kids you might make it half a day if you must.

San Diego Zoo in Balboa Park is one of the nation's favorite zoos. When the Chinese gifted a pair of rare Panda Bears to the zoo, all eyes were on the place known to love and care for rare and exotic animals in conditions to provide comfort, food and a lifestyle to with many creature comforts taken and adapted from their native lands. You can spend an hour or two at the zoo, or stay the entire day. There are tram rides, sky rides, elevators to assist you along on the outdoor terrain, and sidewalks set aside for you to watch the animals and birds.

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