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Surfing Photos: California Grom

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIF.--One of the best opportunities to take photos and capture a true California culture is at the beach where surfers go. At most California beach cities and towns you will find the trappings of this once counter culture that now has grown up and finds its roots planted in "sponsorship". Becoming good enough to receive the perks such as cash prizes, clothing, surfboards and fame is the desire of youngsters as they float out into the sea on their first boards, and get a taste of something besides salt water.

The young grom shown in this photo is pictured near the showers and restrooms at Huntington City Beach. He has the finest clothes and gear -- all O'Neill, from his surfboard down to his bodysuit.

The surfing culture, clothing and boards offer some of the most colorful, cool designs, and that explains why tourists come from around the globe to purchase California-designed surfboards and surf wear. You'll see a lot of surf photos in our collection because there's so much color and shape to this subject matter.

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