Shopping, Dining on 2nd Street in Belmont Shore


Belmont Shore 2nd Street Long Beach, CA

Between Bayshore & Livingston on 2nd Street, Long Beach, CA

Long Beach has its own downtown shopping district with several malls, diverse shops, and there are many neighborhoods with shopping throughout the city. But one of the most enjoyable shopping districts to eat, shop, drink and be merry is 2nd Street in Belmont Shore.

With the beach looming just three to four blocks away, all street parking, and one long strip of shops with eclectic to hardware, 2nd Street is the place where college students like to go, friends prefer to meet for a brew, and couples head over for a table in or outdoors at restaurants ranging from Mexican, Irish, Thai and Mediterranean cuisine to American burgers & fries or Italian.

Shown in the photo is 2nd Street and a sign, "Belmont Shore welcomes you". It is not particularly fancy, and some think 2nd Street is a bit overwhelming with its signage and stoplights every block.

Signature palms tower in the distance on the hill at Livingston St. where 2nd Street meets up with Ocean Blvd.

Driving: 2nd Street directional traffic is separated by a center greenbelt. On some streets there is no dedicated left-hand turn lane so traffic can come to a halt till a car has the opportunity to turn. There are many pedestrians crossing the street so be on guard when you drive. Street parking is metered and the traffic police are brutal. Do not let your meter expire. Meters extend along 2nd Street and down the side streets for approx. one to two blocks. Many park down side streets beyond the meters along residential neighborhoods.

2nd Street features 2 Starbucks Coffee shops, boutiques, chain stores, restaurants with indoor & outdoor dining, a flower kiosk, gifts, furnishings, beauty supplies, banks, realty offices and more!

Several events throughout the year close 2nd Street. The largest is the Christmas Parade held on a Saturday evening in early December. A car show also closes the street during the summer.

Belmont Shore has its own business association for marketing and promotions. The organization is responsible for managing most special events and placing the festive banners and holiday decorations along the light posts.

Clothing includes:

Banana Republic 5015 E. 2nd St.

Beach on 2nd St., The 5308 E. 2nd St. Ste. A

Buffalo Exchange 4608 E. 2nd St.

Castaways at "The Shore" 4814 E 2nd St

Chico's 4725 E. 2nd.St.

Children's Place, The 4801 E. 2nd St.

Doppochic 4913 E. 2nd.St.

The Gap 5025 E. 2nd St.

Greater LA Woman, The 5345 E. 2nd St.

Heavenly Couture 5012 E. 2nd St.

Lucky Brand Jeans 5267 E. 2nd St.

Vans Shoes 5232 E. 2nd St.

White House/Black Market 5265 E. 2nd St.

Gift Favorites:

Luna 4928 E. 2nd St.

Papyrus 5259 E. 2nd St.

Romance Etc. 5209 E. 2nd St.

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