Koi Pond at Fashion Island Shopping Center in Newport Beach, CA


Newport Beach, Calif.--Fashion Island Shopping Center is primarily an outdoor center with ocean views of the Newport Beach Harbor and Pacific Ocean. An outdoor kids carousel, koi pond, statues, kiosks, and host to special events, also has an indoor portion called "Atrium".

The Atrium is a three-story indoor shopping and dining mall in a circular shape. The centerpiece as you enter from the outdoor mall is the huge water fountain surrounded by a food court with many mini-restaurant counters where you can buy all sorts of foods. Hamburgers, hot dogs and malts are served at one restaurant. Another specializes in pizza, lasagna and Italian offerings. Salads, soups, fresh vegetables, deli sandwiches, Chinese, and a variety of foods are offered in the court, and operated by individual restaurant vendors.

There is a Starbuck's Coffee shop close to the restaurant area, so you can also wander over and get a favorite coffee drink such as a latte, mocha or espresso.

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