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West Hollywood Shopping - Larry Flynt Hustler Hollywood store is big draw!

One of the most noticeable gift shops along Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood is the Larry Flynt's Hustler Hollywood store, where you'll often find mannequins in the window wearing next to nothing at all and utilizing the shop's products such as swings, harnesses and other things.

West Hollywood is not a stickler for following the norm-music, food and romance included. Tourists from around the globe love to come to Hollywood to see its stars, bars, and unusual stores such as Hustler, according to a person in the shop.

Some of the Hustler store's best sales are its online shipping of products.

If you happen to live states -- Georgia, Alabama, Kansas (Johnson County), Louisiana (Lincoln Parish), and Oklahoma the business isn't allowed to ship novelties to you. And they don't ship DVDs to Jacksonville and Tallahassee (Florida), Indianapolis (Indiana), Cincinnati (Ohio), Memphis (Tennessee), Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Utah.

That helps explain why the Hollywood store is so popular with tourists on vacation wanting to see the latest gifts & concepts, and take home souvenirs. There's an extensive line of baby clothing, believe it or not.

When you bring the kids along like most travelers do, the most risqué thing you'll see is the shop window. Inside the store it looks more like Disneyland's Main Street souvenir shop than a place to be sexy gifts.

West Hollywood began as a place people came (celebrities & politicians included) to do things they weren't allowed to do elsewhere during the prohibition. Tourists love it and the Hustler store is one of the most popular shopping attractions for visitors.

Special events include autograph signings, lectures, and even a couples course called Lingerie and Lap Dances. Hustler West Hollywood, 8920 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, CA. hustlerhollywood.com

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