Zipline Attraction on Catalina Island's Avalon


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While Avalon has always been a fun place to visit, it's gotten some extra "zip" in recent seasons with a zipline that runs above the canyons that drop to the sea at Descanso Beach. With 5 zips and 3,671 linear feet of zipline, the experience takes approx. 2 hours to participate in. The highest elevation is 300 feet above the Descanso Canyon floor, landing on the platform shown in picture. The longest zip is over 1,000 linear feet.

The passengers are secured into harnesses and seats, then launched one-by-one from a platform to the next. Each move involves a short, exciting ride over some vista, providing thrills that rekindle the memory of swinging from a rope tree over a creek or lake for those of us lucky enough to have access to such places in our youth--or as adults. Kids age 5-9 can ride the zips tandem with an adult and 10 and older can ride solo if weighing more than 90 pounds. Total allowable weight on a single zip is 245 pounds. They actually weigh you in so don't try it if you know you weigh more. They also don't allow sandals, Crocs, Toms, etc. to be worn, so be sure to bring some tennis shoes or boots if you go. Otherwise, you may be shopping the island for a pair of shoes, an extra expense you don't really want to negotiate.

"I had never done a zipline ride, but this was just awesome--and not too scary," said one tourist we spoke with.

The Avalon zipline requires reservations through the website before heading over to the Island. Don't expect to show up and just do it. You can book your reservations here:

Green Pleasure Pier is another of Catalina's entertainment attractions with boating, paragliding and other sports.


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