Big Bear Lake Ziplines


Action Zipline Tours, 41647 Big Bear Blvd., Big Bear Lake, CA. Reservations call: (909) 866-0390 /

Big Bear Lake Vacations:

An alternative of addition to exciting ski adventures at Big Bear Lake is the Zipline experience.

While you could be on some tropical island (Catalina) riding the zipline right about now, the scenery doesn't change much throughout the year. But at Big Bear Lake, the snow is fresh, white & fluffy and the zipline ride provides a winter wonderland of sights, sounds and scents unlike any other place.

An experience described as "zipping over the white stuff" is offered by Action Zipline Tours in an adventure lasting approx. 3 to 3 1/2 hours. Nine zip lines that suspend high above the snow-covered forest floor treat riders to spectacular views of the San Bernardino National Forest and the Mojave Desert. Participants zip through forested landscapes and cross over rocky canyons.

When you arrive, you are fitted with a harness, helmet and heavy duty gloves, then treated to thrill of a lifetime. The first ride gives each participant an opportunity to get the feel of a zip line and practice breaking techniques before progressing to the larger zip lines. Following the first zip line, guests walk across a full suspension bridge adding to the excitement.

The first few zip lines are designed to get riders comfortable with ziplining. The length and speed of the zip lines increase as the tour progresses. In fact the sixth zip line, known as The Speed Demon, can reach speeds of up to 45 mph. The longest zip line, known as Big Daddy, is the eighth zip line at 846 feet in length.

All tours begin and end at the Action Zipline Tours headquarters located at 41647 Big Bear Blvd. After orientation that includes a 10 minute video, participants board a tour van for a 15 minute ride to the location. At the entrance of the site participants transport to a Pinzgauer off-road, safari-style vehicle for an adventurous ride up to the first launch deck of the zip lines course.

Offering more than the normal zipline adventure, guests get the bonus off-road adventure ride and a fun suspension bridge that seems to get everyone a little giddy. There is also a professional photographer on site to take photos you can purchase optionally.

Must be at least 8 years of age with a minimum weight requirement of 75 lbs.
Must be able to fit into a harness that is 52 inches circumference around the waist and the upper thigh circumference is 26 inches.
The amount of guests per tour is limited to 16 people (groups of up to 50 can be accommodated and split into separate tours.)
The cost for the all-inclusive nine zip lines tour is $95 (subject to change)
Tours are available all year round, seven days a week.
Reservations are recommended, but not required.


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