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Diamond Valley Lake in Hemet is Wow!
Craig MacDonald

Up the hill from the Center and Museum is beautiful Diamond Valley Lake--Southern California's largest drinking water reservoir and one of the finest fishing spots in the U.S.

"It's one of the top lakes around for bass fishing," said a fisherman and spokesperson for the Metropolitan Water District. He said there's also great trout and blue gill fishing. Sport fishing helps bring families back together and provides enjoyment and camaraderie fishing from boats on the lake.

There's also a 21-mile Lake View Trail that has become a favorite of mountain bikers, who after a ride, rent a boat and go fishing. The lake is open everyday (except Christmas) from Sunrise to one hour before Sunset.

For your next excursion, give yourself a three carat diamond of a time visiting the museum, center and lake in awesome Hemet. It will be an experience you'll cherish all your life.
California lake vacations are one of California's most popular vacations, believe it or not. Why? Fishing still is high on the list of sports activities enjoyed as a relaxing diversion from work and stress. There are hundreds of great fishing and sports lakes to enjoy in California.

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