California Diving:

Future Olympic & Other Diving Champs Being Trained in Long Beach

By Chris MacDonald

If you want to watch the Olympic stars of tomorrow, be sure and see Diving Competitions, like the annual Glenn McCormick Memorial Invitational Meet held in November at the Belmont Plaza Olympic Pool in Long Beach.

Named after the legendary diving coach, who mentored Olympians and other champions, the exciting event showcases incredible talent that's unbelievable to watch. Showing poise and skill are athletes that range in age from 7 to 18. They all exhibit a refreshing resilience after performing dives; bounding out of the water to start mentally preparing for their next dive in front of their devoted family members, friends and other spectators.

The determination and enthusiasm of the participants is largely due to their devoted parents and the excellent coaching they receive from McCormick Divers, founded in 1968 by Glenn, when the Belmont Plaza Olympic Pool was built for the 1968 Olympic Trials. The divers are guided today by his widow, who trained and competed under Glenn for 13 years.

Debby Lipman McCormick, a former national and international diving star (along with fellow coaches like Charly Collins and Larry Neberman) has infused her love and devotion for the entertaining sport into her young competitors. It's an absolute joy to watch them compete. At a recent McCormick meet, we were absolutely awestruck by the ability of several divers, including Huntington Beach High School student, Brandon Loschiavo. While we watched, he performed, what to us looked like two perfect dives from the high Tower. We were especially impressed by his entry into the water without a splash.

You need to keep an eye on Brandon (and other McCormick Divers), who seems to be developing the necessary skills and commitment to become a U.S. Olympic Team Diver for the 2016 Olympics in Rio. This year, the friendly 15-year-old won the AAU Diving National Championships in his age group on the 3-meter springboard for the second year in a row! He earned his best overall score with a Back, 1 1/2 somersault with 2 1/2 twists. If he continues to develop and stay focused, there's no telling how far Brandon will go. He has been encouraged by Olympic Diving Legend, Dr. Sammy Lee, who won gold medals at the 1948 London and 1952 Helsinki Olympics and has coached Olympic champions like Greg Louganis.

One of the greatest things about McCormick Divers is seeing the sincere joy and happiness in the eyes and smiles of the many hardworking competitors in the longest continuously running dive program in Southern California. You can see the special bond between Debby (and her fellow coaches) with the young athletes, as she encourages and gives hand signals to each performer, offering visual tips on how to improve. The enthusiastic divers, positive coaches and cheering parents make for a winning combination that leaves you with a lasting impression, you'll never forget.

To find out more about McCormick Divers, contact Debby at 714-846-5731 or email

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