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California Bastille Day, Parlez-vous francais?

Published on: July 08, 2018


When visiting France, Californians get up to speed fast so they can get the waiter’s attention for necessities like ordering food, getting a glass of water, French wine and the bill. If you prefer to stay home on France’s Bastille Day, you don’t have to learn the language and you can have lots of fun.

Pictured is the annual Sacramento Bastille Day Waiters’ Race, inspired by the famous footrace in Paris. Costumed participants vie for cash prizes in the Midtown event and street festival. It is sponsored by Alliance Francaise de Sacramento, 1801, French Film Festival, and the Handle District comprised of 33 businesses within the bounds of 18th Street, 19th Street, L Street, and Capitol Avenue.

California Bastille Day

Santa Barbara’s French Festival July 14-15, 2018 is not to be missed with the annual poodle parade, can-can dancing and cabaret entertainment, set to the backdrop of California’s Riviera (Santa Barbara.)

Bastille Day celebrations are hosted at restaurants and venues from Saratoga to San Jose’s Santana Row, Beverly Hills to San Francisco.

French Trivia

  • Bastille Day, or French National Day, is the 14th of July.
  • If states were countries, California would be France. In a single year California boasts approx. $2.44 trillion of economic output, slightly above the annual GDP of France.
  • Of any U.S. state, the largest number of Franco-Americans (around 1.5 million) live in California.
  • The distance from Paris to L.A. is over 9,000 miles.
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