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Bay Area Hungarian Festival

Published on: May 07, 2015


This weekend Hungarian food, costumes, music, dance and cultural icons are all on display at the Hungarian Festival in Belmont on May 9, 2015. ┬áLos Angeles has the second largest Hungarian population in the United State but there are Hungarians throughout California and one of the best known to Northern California was Agoston Haraszthy, who moved to California in the Gold Rush of 1849. He founded the Buena Vista Vineyards in Sonoma (now Buena Vista Carneros) and imported more than 100,000 European vine cuttings for the use of California winemakers. He is widely remembered today as the “Father of California Viticulture” or the “Father of Modern Winemaking in California. Of course, Hungarians have made their mark in Hollywood, California politics and sports, as well.

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