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Hate to tell you, but it’s a typical hot Autumn at California beaches

Published on: September 17, 2019


Get ready for a host of California beach festivals ranging from Oceanside Harbor Days (left), to Pacifica’s Pacific Coast Fog Fest (middle) and Huntington Beach Air Show (right.) These free- admission events take place in September & October.

If there was ever an argument for changing the vacation calendar at schools, it would be the not-so-hidden secret that California beaches experience some of their hottest days beginning in September. Event planners booking corporate events in the highly-desirable Carmel/Monterey area discover that a prime season with least chance of rain typically comes after August. Some venues and hotels may be booked a year or two ahead on certain Autumn dates!

Recently during the 2nd weekend in September beaches in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego were packed as temperatures soared to around 100 degrees inland. Parking spots were taken all along Pacific Coast Highway and lots filled quickly — just like traditional summer (June-August) weekends. And the truth is, this beach scene is fairly typical. Californians learn from experience that if the summer isn’t hot enough, Fall season is just around the bend!

California Autumn Beach Festivals


  • CARMEL: American Institute of Architects Monterey Bay Sandcastle Competition Sept.21, 2019
  • NEWPORT BEACH: Chamber of Commerce Corona del Mar State Beach Sandcastle Contest Sept.29
  • SAN FRANCISCO: Ocean Beach LEAP Sandcastle Contest Oct.26


  • OCEANSIDE: Harbor Days Festival Sept.21-22, 2019
  • SAN DIEGO: International Dragon Boat Race Sept.28-29
  • SAN DIEGO: Cabrillo Festival Sept.28
  • SAN PEDRO: Southern California In-Water Boat Show Sept.19-22
  • SAN FRANCISCO: Fleet Week Festival Oct.6-14


  • SAN DIEGO: Pacific Island Festival at Ski Beach, Mission Bay Sept.21-22, 2019
  • PACIFICA: Pacific Coast Fog Fest  Sept.28-29
  • CAPITOLA: Beach Festival Sept.28-29
  • PORT HUENEME: Banana Festival Sept.28
  • HUNTINGTON BEACH: The Great Pacific Air Show Oct.4-6
  • PISMO BEACH: Clam Festival Oct.18-20
  • SAN DIEGO: Pacific Beach Fest Oct.5
  • SOLANA BEACH: SaltDog Classic Oct.20


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