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California Craft Fairs Help Bring Back America

Published on: December 14, 2012


Knott’s Berry Farm Christmas Crafts Village Photos: Left – Chainsaw art sculptor Dave Clarke; middle, top – Bird Cage Theatre performers; middle-bottom – Ghost Town shoppers; right – Glass artist Charlie Keeling

BUENA PARK, CALIF. — If you think America can’t return to its former glory, start looking around this holiday season at all the talented people who are creating quality merchandise you can purchase, and performers who entertain, bringing meaning to our lives during stressful times. The concept of “the village” in which supportive networks of people help each other could not be better exemplified than at arts & crafts fairs such as Christmas Crafts Village in Buena Park. You may begin realizing that it isn’t merely lip service when you hear the terms, ‘Made in America’ and ‘shop local’. There are hundreds of markets and fairs throughout California where you can shop and try it on for size!

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