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Knott's Berry Farm Christmas Crafts Village

Christmas Crafts Village free November 26-29, 2018 and December 3-6, 2018

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BUENA PARK, CALIF. -- If you think America can't return to its former glory, start looking around this holiday season at all the talented people who are creating quality merchandise you can purchase, and performers who entertain, bringing meaning to our lives during stressful times. The concept of "the village" in which supportive networks of people help each other could not be better exemplified than at craft fairs such as Christmas Crafts Village in Buena Park. Quality vendors sell locally crafted items to enhance the Knott's Berry Farm ( entertainment and shopping experience.

Visitors can wander along Old West-style streets and see demonstration areas where you can watch items being made, hear holiday carols being sung, listen to a calliope performance and watch Christmas plays for free in the Bird Cage Theatre.

When you have a chance to watch someone carve a gnarly log into something that looks like the face of your friendly dog, or see someone turn molten goo into a spectacular wine glass with swirling colors and designs, you gain a real sense of the effort and talent it takes to create one-of-a-kind treasures inspired by the heart, and made with TLC.

We recently attended an annual event called the Sawdust Festival Winter Fantasy in Laguna Beach and began realizing that it isn't merely lip service when you hear the terms, 'Made in America' or 'shop local'. There are hundreds of markets and fairs throughout California where guests can buy locally made products. Try it on for size!

Ice Skating spectacular

Knott's Berry Farm will magically transform into Knott's Merry Farm this holiday season as we present A Charlie Brown Christmas with seasonal entertainment, spectacular decorations including a 65 foot tall Christmas tree, and a colorful Christmas parade starting Thanksgiving day. Activities include:
A Peanuts' Holiday Parade

A Peanuts' Holiday Parade offers elaborately themed floats featuring the Peanuts Gang and accompanied by students from Orange County Song and Dance Company. Children and adults alike will be able to get into the holiday spirit along with CHARLIE BROWN, LUCY, LINUS, SALLY, SCHROEDER and of course SNOOPY, as they ready for the holidays. Join them as they partake in all the holiday festivities including candy making, tree trimming, and even toy building!

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