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California’s Beloved Dachshunds Race with Style and Grace

Published on: July 10, 2019


If you’ve never seen a dachshund race, well it’s one for the books.

I stopped at my local Wienerschnitzel recently to purchase a $0.58 hot dog in honor of the chain restaurants 58th birthday of its founding in 1961. The World’s Largest Hot Dog Chain was started by a former Taco Bell employee, John Galardi (1937-2013).

He  decided to sell hot dogs since “nobody else was in hot dogs.” According to Galardi, his wife came up with the name when looking through a cookbook. “I told my wife going home nobody in their right mind would call a company wienerschnitzel. Three days later, I said, ‘Hell, it’s better than John’s Hot Dogs.”  The first store was a hot dog stand at 900 West Pacific Coast Highway in Wilmington.

Wienerschnitzel’s community involvement expands to many projects and special causes, including Wiener Dog races for humane treatment of animals. Several years ago activists challenged the dachshund races as inhumane but were rebuffed when it was explained that no dog is ever forced to race, there are no professional categories, and proceeds are for special causes.

Now comes the part about it being one for the books. If you’ve ever watched a dachshund race you’ll see that some dogs simply don’t like the plan to run from one point to another where their owner or someone they know is waving for them to come. When the gates go up and they’re free to run, some wieners just stand there — and choose not to move. It’s clearly not a professional racing event. But fans of the wiener dog races know its fun. If you get a chance to see one, you’ll see what we mean…

California Wiener Dog Races

HUNTINGTON BEACH: Old World Village Wiener Dog Races July 14, 2019 (for German Heritage Day) and August 25 (for Plum Festival). Many more dates during Oktoberfest in the Fall.

LOS ALAMITOS: Wienerschnitzel Wiener Nationals July 20 at Los Alamitos Race Track.

SACRAMENTO: Wienerschnitzel Wiener Nationals July 27 at the California State Fair which runs July 12-28, 2019.

PLACERVILLE: Oktoberfest Wiener Dog Race October 19

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