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Berry Excited for California Strawberries

Published on: February 14, 2018


Millions of people plied their true loves (family, friends and lovers) with chocolate-covered strawberries on Valentine’s Day. That’s one way to savor the flavor! But when you’re driving on the ‘101’ past Oxnard, Santa Maria and Salinas this time of year and you catch a whiff of the sweet scent, your impulse may be to eat strawberries straight up.

Here’s why strawberries are good for you:

  • 4 large strawberries provide more than 80% of recommended daily value of vitamin C.
  • Strawberries are a solid source of fiber and folate.

History of Strawberries

  • Date back more than 2,000 with mention by Cato, a Roman Senator.
  • European explorers in 1588 discovered strawberries in North America when they landed on the shores of Virginia.
  • After WWII, California became top grower of strawberries in the world. The state’s population (and resultant demand) grew for fresh berries, and shipping methods allowed for delivery internationally.

Strawberry Festivals in California

Bad news first

Galt Chamber of Commerce this week announced they are ending their Strawberry Festival after more than 20 years of delighting crowds.

Berry Good News

  • Santa Ysabel’s Fort Cross is hosting a  Strawberry Ag Workshop in Feb. 2018 to teach you how to successfully grow them.
  • Santa Maria Strawberry Festival returns in late April.
  • Oxnard’s California Strawberry Festival returns in mid-May.
  • Roseville’s Berry Fest returns on Mother’s Day weekend.
  • Garden Grove, Arroyo Grande, Vista, Anderson’s Happy Valley and Guerneville all are hosting strawberry festivals on Memorial Day Weekend 2018.
  • Encino has Balboa Strawberry Festival in June.
  • Watsonville’s Strawberry Festival returns in August.
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