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California Valentine Escapes

Published on: February 13, 2018


On Valentine’s Day studies show that people think gifts such as candy, cards, flowers and jewelry are OK, but experiences are preferred. It’s the same theme found in surveys of travelers. They want to see and do something unique and new.

It’s not too hard to find it in California. With¬†theme parks and beaches among the top destinations, you can spend over a decade exploring 1,000 miles of California coast and rarely see the same thing twice. In fact, it’s a real challenge seeing the state’s entire coastline–but you can try!

The photos above highlight a few of our favorite coastal experiences:

Standing in a field of wildflowers dripping with the morning dew at The Sea Ranch (top, left)

Stopping the car along the road near iconic Bixby Bridge in Big Sur (middle, left)

Renting a golf cart and driving to the top of hill overlooking Avalon Bay and Green Pleasure Pier on the Island of Catalina (bottom, left)

Dining deckside in Capitola, sipping cocktails or beer while watching the Wharf and colorful vacation rentals across the bay (middle, right)

Walking up the hill at Del Serro Park in Rancho Palos Verdes and watching the boats go in and out of the bay as the afternoon haze puts the soul at peace (top, right)

Taking in amazing views from Golden Gate Park and seeing the awe-inspiring Golden Gate Bridge (top, right)

Other photos include the desert, mountains and redwoods.

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