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Digging Those Crazy Dragon Boat Races

Published on: June 05, 2019


If you happen to be passing Los Angeles County’s Lake Castaic this weekend on June 8, 2019, you will notice a colorful sight — dragon boat racing! Hand powered by teams who work their paddles in synchronization to commands and a fierce leader’s drum beats, the boats are long slender vessels moving swiftly through the water with the appearance of a creature. Dragon boat heads attached to the front of a boat are typically quite colorful in reds, oranges or yellows, with eyes, teeth and protruding horns creating a scary appearance. The boats are also adorned with dragon tales.

According to legend, the dragon is a large, serpent-like creature (appearing in the folklore of many cultures around the world,) believed to be capable of breathing fire.

Dragon boat racing in California

  • Close to 1,000 members of California Dragon Boat Association
  • Major dragon boat festivals and events are hosted in San Diego, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Oakland and San Francisco
  • Festivals include young to senior racers
  • Festivals often feature vendors, foods, contests, drumming, music and fun activities for all ages
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