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California Kids Hop Into Action for Eggstravaganzas and Egg Hunts

Published on: April 17, 2019


It’s likely there are over a million kids with parents hopping into action this weekend for Easter Eggstravaganzas and Egg Hunts in California. The day before Easter (which falls on April 21 in 2019,) is by far the most popular day of the year for this pre-holiday celebration which often features photo ops with an adult-sized Easter Bunny.

One of the larger events is the Rose Bowl’s Egg Bowl¬†in Pasadena where 80,000 colorful, treasure-filled eggs are being strewn on a carpet of grass for children to claim and place in their baskets and buckets.

Traditions using real boiled, decorated hen eggs are rare to find as plastic eggs have helped facilitate events in urban areas and also allow for sponsors to offer coupons for gifts in what many events call the Golden Egg that has some sort of grand prize or big ticket item.

While the majority of city-sponsored egg hunts are free, some cities have begun charging fees to recoup expenses of buying products for the hunt. Typically these places also request pre-registration to cap out the number of participants.

In other places you’ll find community service groups such Kiwanis, Rotary and even Chambers of Commerce pitching in to co-produce events.

Many churches offering egg hunts do them between several Easter Sunday church services, showing first-time  attendees what fun their kids can have.

We’ve rounded up a mere sampling (over 100 of the many, many events “hoppening” in California. We try to be thorough but have not double checked some of these events which were posted a few months back. Please confirm the information through the official planners’ websites before heading out to them!

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