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It’s Time to Take Time for California Fairs

Published on: January 09, 2020


Many of California’s 75+ fairs have set their dates and are already in the works planning a big fair fun season. Always launching the new year are two Northern and Southern California favorites. Pictured is  National Date Festival and Riverside County Fair taking place in Indio (Southern California) in February. It features camel races, carnival rides and the famed Arabian Night Pageant with Queen Scheherazade. The annual daytime temperature in February is a perfect 75 degrees F. Enjoy it and the winter fair–by May the average temp is 98, and the months of July and August hover (on average) around 107 degrees during the day!

The other February fair in Northern California is Cloverdale Citrus Fair which starts on Valentine’s Day this year, Feb.14, 2020, the same day the Date Festival begins.

From citrus to dates, these fairs celebrate local produce while the Sonoma County event also salutes winemakers with one of the first big wine contests of the new year.

It’s time to pick a fair and get plan your entries in for a variety of competitions ranging from woodworking to cooking, fine arts, and maybe even performing with a musical or dance group as part of the stage entertainment. It’s going to be another great year at your local county fair!

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