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Mendo Coast Flowers in Bloom and on View

Published on: April 23, 2012

Mendocino County is a garden spot filled with flowers, fragrances and perfect settings.  Shown in photos is the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens “Heath & Heather Garden”, and a plein air painter making ample use of color on canvas in this flower oasis.  The 35th Annual Rhododendron Show at Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens (  on Saturday, May 5 and Sunday, May 6, 2012, invites you to see one of the largest shows on the West Coast. Over 700 Rhododendron grower entries are featured in this public event in which plants are sold.  Admission is free! Call: (707) 964-4352. In addition to Mendocino County, Humboldt County puts on its own “Rhody” celebration with the annual Rhododendron Parade this weekend, April 28, 2012. Here are other events taking place in “Mendo”.

What’s in bloom at the Gardens?

  • February, March, April
    Early rhododendrons, camellias, daffodils, magnolias, cherries, Pacific Coast iris
  • May, June, July
    Rhododendrons, heritage roses, perennials,cactus, succulents, lilies, heathers, coastal & forest wildflowers
  • August, September, October
    Perennials, dahlias, heritage roses, heathers, fuchsias, and hydrangeas
  • November, December, January
    Late perennials, winter heathers, camellias, and wild mushrooms
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