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Looking to Get High? Do It With Music

Published on: July 04, 2019


When 4th of July falls on a week day there’s some euphoria and a feeling that the party must carry on for days to come — till Monday comes around and you have to get back to reality. This year is one of those times when Independence Day partying began in our neighborhood several days before Thursday, the 4th of July, and will no doubt continue on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Living in Huntington Beach, we had an unexpected surprise when the big, annual 4th of July Parade broadcast was interrupted by an earthquake felt throughout Southern California. Talk about excitement!

Nearly everyone’s looking for a good time this weekend — and there are plenty of opportunities to get high on life. One of those events is Quincy’s High Sierra Music Festival July 4-7, 2019. The air is clean, the trees smell like pine, and concert-goers have a really good time listening to around 60 bands! Sisters Of The Strawberry Moon, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong and Too Many Zoos are among the line up.

In Long Beach the free Uptown Jazz Festival July 6 at Houghton Park features Con Funk Shun and DW3.

Another free event that’s an annual hit is Fillmore Jazz Festival July 6-7 on Fillmore Street in San Francisco. Around 10 bands, acts and orchestras perform daily at this awesome event.

Oakland’s Burger Bugaloo July 6-7 in Mosswood Park features The Clams, Scientists and Deadboys, among 17 acts, you can see — for a fee.

Concerts are everywhere this weekend — and most are free!

Friday, July 5 – we’ve found around 28 concerts

Saturday, July 6 – here are more than 25 concerts

Sunday, July 7 – no slowing down…there are more than 30 concerts!


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