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Odysseo is a Show Beyond Belief

Published on: November 11, 2017


By C. MacDonald

It is only fitting that the greatest, most astonishing, memorable human/horse show on earth opened yesterday under a 125-foot tall tent as big as a football field in Camarillo, Ventura County.

Cavalia’s Odysseo, the largest touring production around, features more than 50 artists and 65 horses in the town named for and made famous by Adolfo Camarillo, who in 1921 started breeding a mainly Spanish-blooded horse known for its pure white color. It became known as “The Camarillo White Horse.” Read more…>


Odysseo runs through Jan.7, 2018 in Camarillo, Tickets on

Some of the world’s finest-looking horse breeds such as Percheron, Arabian and Spanish Purebread

Big Top is easily accessible off the “101” Freeway and easy parking

Affordable hotels nearby

Show serves drinks, pizza, popcorn and desserts in concession area

Great souvenir gifts range from CDs  and DVDs to T-shirts and fine leather purses

Show offers a heart-warming, memorable holiday gift for adults and kids

Value pricing based on demand with 30% discount days

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