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Incredible Price Hikes at California National Parks

Published on: November 10, 2017


Pictured are four of California’s most popular National Parks left to right: Sequoia-Kings Canyon | Yosemite | Joshua Tree | Lassen Volcanic National Park. If rate hikes are approved, it’s going to cost $70 to drive your car into any of these parks during peak season! If you walk in it will cost you $30! Are Californians getting priced out? In August 2017 the Senior park pass went from $10 to $80.

If you think $70 is too high a price for park admission, you have a few days remaining (till Nov.23, 2017) to voice your opinionĀ  here:

Free Admission National Parks November 11-12, 2017. These are the final free admission days of 2017.

California has 27 national parks, the most national parks of any state!

Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Park is home to General Grant, the Nation’s Christmas Tree. Each year the Sanger Chamber of Commerce makes a trek to place a wreath next to it. This tree is among the largest in the world found at Sequoia-Kings Canyon park.

Yosemite National Park is one of the most sought out destinations by international tourists seeking to see famed Half Dome, waterfalls and historic treasures. In the winter the famed Bracebridge Dinner take place inside the park at the Majestic Yosemite Hotel (formerly Ahwahnee.)

Lassen Volcanic National Park, named for the volcano which last erupted in 1915 with a blast that rose seven miles into the atmosphere, offers incredible experiences. This living entity features bubbling mudpots with the stench of sulfuric acid at Bumpass Hell. Surface temps reach 240 degrees!

Joshua Tree National Park spans the transition from the Mojave to the Colorado Desert. The unique Joshua tree is the signature, namesake sight of this easily accessible park not far from Palm Springs. The Night Sky Festival is this weekend.

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