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San Diego, Where Summer Fun is Job One (Won)

Published on: June 20, 2019


Spreckels Pavilion hosts free concerts and silent movies.

I told my friends that if there’s one place I’d like to live close to so I could walk to entertainment, my idea of fun would be Balboa Park in San Diego. A former San Diego reporter replied, “Yeah, but which part of the park would you live near? The park is so large, you have to choose.”

With Balboa Park’s 65 miles of trails, more than 15 museums, world-famous San Diego Zoo, Japanese Friendship Garden, Old Globe and Spreckels Organ Pavilion (to name a few,) it opened my eyes to the reality of just how much is going on in one little slice of the golden sun they call San Diego.

For those who love free summer concerts, here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

At Spreckels Pavilion, home to one of the world’s largest, outdoor pipe organs, summertime means fun with free concerts ranging from rock to classical music — and all things in between.

Twilight Concerts at Spreckels Pavilion feature rock and contemporary music June through August on most Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings — for 35+ free concerts!

On Mondays, June through August, the free San Diego International Organ Festival features a mix of classical music, patriotic, and popular tunes played on the “big guns” organ. The event launches with an incredible show on June 24, 2019, featuring the music of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin.

Balboa Park is a small sampling of the free musical entertainment happening in San Diego. Here’s a more extensive list of concerts!

While San Diego is filled with sunshine, tourists, beaches, entertainment and fun, there are many unsung heroes such as the The San Diego Tourism Authority folks who make it their job to see that we have fun — and when they succeed, they consider it a job won!

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