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4th of July Parade Excitement Mounts

Published on: June 19, 2019


California’s two favorite holidays for a parade are Christmas and 4th of July. While patriotism doesn’t wane at Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day parade events, overall 4th of July takes the cake for big attendance and splashy displays of America’s true red, white & blue.

Independence Day Parades in California include many superlatives, even in the tiniest, and lesser know or recognized places:

ALAMEDA: The longest 4th of July Parade in the nation features a 3.3 mile route!

HUNTINGTON BEACH: The biggest 4th of July Parade “West of the Mississippi” often averages 200,000-250,000 attendance. The parade could grow even larger but the board of directors listened to the public and makes a conscious effort to keep it at around 2 hours long. While folks love a parade, they want to do other things on the 4th of July, as well.

LONG BEACH: The Kids Bike Parade is one of the biggest, best displays of patriotism by children. Other California cities with kids’ parades include Clayton and San Gabriel, plus more.

MODESTO: One of the old-timers in 4th of July celebrations, Modesto 4th of July Parade has been a “thing” since 1874!

MOKELUMNE HILL: “Moke Hill” keeps it simple with an old-fashioned Independence Day Parade down Main Street that’s neither long or big, but is noteworthy like so many charming California gold rush towns that host parades unsurpassed in patriotism.

MORAGA: If you say that this East Bay (San Francisco/Silicon Valley) city has gone to the dogs, you’d be correct on the 4th of July when the Dog Parade takes center stage.

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