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A Buck to Be Had Feeding Californians

Published on: June 21, 2019


Although there were a lot of complaints made by 49ers about their food, many were lucky to have it. Food became scarce as thousands descended upon the Sierra during the Gold Rush.

“The beefsteak is of leather
And the pies are made of tin
The bread couldn’t be cut with a sword
The butter wears sidewhiskers
And the coffee’s pretty thin.”
–A 49ers Lament

In the Spring 2019 MICHELIN Guide California, the first state in America to host the prestigious red guide, was released, bringing forth 657 MICHELIN-recommended restaurants, 90 of which have MICHELIN stars.

Cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego like to tout their restaurant options that include the menus of Michelin-starred chefs.

For example, celebrated Michael Mina joins with partner Ayesha Curry to bring their globally-inspired barbecue restaurant, International Smoke, to San Diego’s affluent Carmel Valley neighborhood. ¬†Akira Back, boasting a Michelin star two years in a row for his restaurant, Dosa, in Seoul, South Korea is now opening ¬†Lumi. And, San Diego’s Il Dandy is the latest culinary venture from Dario and Pietro Gallo, who earned Michelin stars in 2013 for their restaurant in Calabria.

Truly the land of culinary opportunity, California dining has a unique history.

“A lot of miners suffered the fate of Major William Downey and his men who struck it rich and had bags of gold yet nearly starved to death in the Northern Mines,” says historian Craig MacDonald, in his story, “A Buck To Be Had–Feeding The 49ers.”

Ironically, this type of desperate predicament created fantastic opportunities. Some miners who had been farmers enthusiastically returned to their former occupation to strike gold in the Sierra. Read the full story…>


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