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Published on: June 08, 2019


The sun was setting behind the pine-studded hills that gave the mountain diggings its name (Forest City) but its rays still lit a spot where men struggled to erect a huge tent, creating a buzz of excitement throughout the camp. California’s Pioneer Circus had come to town.

Rowe & Co.’s Pioneer Circus was certainly a welcome break from the arduous rigors of Mother Lode Mining in 1856-57. Read more…>

Even today in the 21st century the circus continues to offer entertainment to individuals of all ages and families looking for fun.

Zoppe, an all Italian circus with 2019 performances in California cities, actually began in 1842 before word of California’s gold rush spread to Italy and other countries throughout the world.

California Circus Experiences

  • Circus Vargas arrives in town in Laguna Hills, Camarillo and San Luis Obispo.
  • Pirates Dinner Adventure┬áin Buena Park is a themed event with a circus atmosphere, acrobatics and even a meal, to boot! You can catch it throughout the year.
  • Garden Bros. Circus stops in Tulare, San Jose, Auburn, Anaheim, San Diego, Perris, Pomona, Lakeside, Yucaipa and San Bernardino.
  • Cirque du Soleil’s AmaLuna takes down the tents at LA’s waterfront after its June 9 performance but more productions are sure to come!
  • Circus Bella in San Francisco is a permanent fixture with shows in Oakland and San Francisco.
  • Zoppe can be found this year in Redwood City, Escondido, Napa and Fort Bragg.
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