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Seeing Silent Films in California

Published on: January 10, 2014


Pictured: Silent Movie Night at the Summer International Organ Festival in Spreckles Organ Pavilion  (San Diego’s Balboa Park) visitors can see a free show in August. 2014 date to be announced.

Have you ever seen a silent film performed to the accompaniment of a theatre organ? If you haven’t, it’s a completely different experience than any movie you have ever watched before. Talented theatre organists draw you into the film with tunes ranging from whimsical and funny to dramatic and patriotic. Sadly, theatre organs are sold off or disappear into private hands as old theaters are shut down, one by one.   But thanks to the passion of those who perform or have listened to and attended these great shows, you may still be able to catch one. They are truly a piece of our California heritage and history that helped make the place so famous and admired. Here are a few organ concerts/silent movies we’ve uncovered…read more>

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