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Sunset Beach Real Life Superheroes

Published on: October 28, 2018


While hordes of costume-clad creatures converged to rub elbows with Godzilla at L.A. Comic Con, down the road in Orange County some Real Life Superheroes (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Ninja Turtles and more,) entertained local kids at the free, annual Sunset Beach Community Halloween Celebration. Held the weekend before Halloween 2018, “Superheroes” was the theme of the celebration which even included an Astronaut Space Outfit signed by Buzz Aldrin, the second person to walk on the Moon!

Sponsored by a friend of Aldrin’s, Sunset Beach resident Tony Nobles (appearing in right photo) and his Nobles Family Foundation, along with the Community Association and Las Damas, the festival is one of the most anticipated events each year, according to Mike Van Voorhis, President of the Sunset Beach Community Association.

Enlisting the help of his wife and six children, Nobles said he helped develop this event “because I love kids and want to provide fun for them and their families.” Read more about Sunset Beach Real Life Superheroes…>

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