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February Festivals Take Californians on a Wild Ride

Published on: February 08, 2018


INDIO, CALIF. — Camel and Ostrich Races, Demolition Derby, Monster Trucks, Bull-O-Rama and Fiesta del Charro, offer a wild ride at National Date Festival!

Eat a date, make a date! Hadley Fruit Orchards is among the vendors at the Riverside County Fair’s Date Festival. Hadley’s famous date shakes sold at Ruby’s Date Shack on Pacific Coast Highway near Laguna Beach, and Hadley Fruit Orchards in Coachella Valley, are billed as one of California’s bucket list items. Using only the Deglet Noor date because of its delicate soft texture and sweet caramel taste, it is pureed into a creamy yet slightly lumpy texture, blending it into natural vanilla ice cream and milk, in a taste you will never forget.

February Wild Ride Festivals

HUNTINGTON BEACH: The Revolution ( Feb.10-11, 2018.

TULARE: Tulare World Ag Expo Feb.13-15. California rocks as top grower of many food products. With Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods and unleashed, full-steam-ahead food delivery service, the nation’s leader in organic foods (California) is poised for tremendous growth in this arena. Approx. 5,000 California food operations have certification under the US Department of Agriculture’s National Organic Program (NOP).

CLOVERDALE: Cloverdale Citrus Fair Feb.16-19   Held annually for over 100 years!

INDIO: Indio Date Festival & Riverside County Fair, Feb.16-25

PALM SPRINGS: Modernism Week Feb.15-25 Ride on open bus tours and see great architecture in the wild desert.

KERNVILLE : Whiskey Flat Days & Rodeo Feb.16-19 includes Whiskey Flat Days Parade, 1850s encampment, and the Rodeo with Roping, Bull Riding and more.

YERMO: President’s Day Weekend Civil War Re-enactment Feb.17-18 at Calico Ghost Town

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