Video of Spray On Tattoos at California Beach Event

California events include the summertime, fun-time favorites--beach events. One of the sandiest, sweetest such events for all ages is the US Open of Surfing & Beach Gamers. A Surfers Village is a huge, free expo on the sand with vendors giving away spray tattoos, letting people sit down and beat the drum in a tent-shaded drum circle, and sample the latest beverages, or get coupons for clothing, foods, and all sorts of new products.

The spray on tattoo is a popular booth where thousands of temporary tattoos are applied to any available skin areas (people collect up to 10 or 20 such designs that include the logos of many popular clothing and surf brands.  The video shows that it takes approx. 10 -30 seconds to apply one of the spray-on tattoos. Colors include black, white, lime green, hot pink, bright yellow, outrageous orange and brilliant blue. While the spray-on temporary tattoo has become a business that some vendors operate, charging a fee, at the US Open the tattoos in the past have been absolutely free. Only one catch--you are advertising somebody's products on your precious body space.


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