76 Trombones, 25 California Parades, 4th of July

If hearing ‘Stars & Stripes Forever' performed by a marching band gives you a thrill, there's a holiday coming to a city near you soon, and there's a good chance a marching band will be playing that song! It's only 4 weeks till Independence Day, the biggest one day celebration in California (and America) that brings the public out to celebrate with parades, fireworks shows, picnics and concerts.

Do you think your 4th of July Parade is the biggest, longest, most patriotic and best on the Planet? Join the club! There are more than 25 Independence Day Parades in California celebrating America's birthday this year, and you are invited to join the show, free of charge. Trivia- The majority of 4th of July Parades start at 10 a.m. See the California 4th of July Parade List!

Some rules of the road:

It's probably too late for you to be in the parade. Many parades started planning their events back in 2010. But if you feel you must pursue this idea, go ahead and knock yourself out!

Take sunblock. Even the overcast mornings begin to penetrate your pale skin after 3 hours of exposure.

Wear walking shoes. Unless you live in a tiny town, you will have to walk to the parade, then back out again. Many take bicycles, but chaining a bike is the hard part as space is limited.

Pets are OK, and so are kids, but some don't last very long. Keep that in mind.

Keep some bottled water with you. Finding beverages once the parade starts can be hard work. Why bother?

Buy the shirt. Many parades sell souvenir shirts, hats, keychains and logo merchandise. The t-shirts become conversation ice-breakers, especially when they have a year stamped on them.

Background: Independence Day is the national holiday of the United States. It is celebrated every year on July 4, and commemorates July 4, 1776, when the Declaration of Independence declared the United States had become a new country, free from the Kingdom of Great Britain. That wasn't the end of the story in this relatively young country's formation. It took California more than 70 years to sign up and become a part of the U.S., and not without some fighting over control and ownership by Mexico. California became a state in 1850.


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