Are People Really Leaving California?


Buenos Dias! The Hispanic population of California will continue to outpace any other ethnic group. Pictured is Mission San Juan Bautista, founded by Spaniards in California as part of the 21 mission chain from the mid-1700s to early 1800s.

People are not leaving California faster than they are populating the state, according to the 2009 -2010 statistics published by California State Department of Finance. California grew over 1% from 2009 to 2010, and added over 200,000 new people to the population. That flies in the face of beliefs that people are leaving California for other places. So much for downsizing in a tough economy!

According to a study and projections based on recent data, California's population is projected to reach almost 60 million people by 2050, adding over 25 million since the 2000 census.The state of California is expected to pass the 40 million mark in 2012, and exceed 50 million by 2032.

By Ethnicity in 2050
52% Hispanic - Hispanics will become the majority of Californians by 2042 & 52% of population by 2050
26% White - Whites comprising 26%.
13% Asian - Asians are expected to be 13%
5% Blacks - Blacks, 5%

Multirace persons, 2%. Both American Indian and Hawaiian/Pacific Islander groups will each make up less than 1% of the state by 2050.

Population in 2050

13 million people will live in Los Angeles and it will remain California's largest county
4.7 million people will make Riverside County the 2nd most populated county in Calif.
4.5 million residents in San Diego County will make it third biggest
4 million (just under 4 million) will make Orange County the 4th most populated county

Highlights of growth:

4 counties — Kern, San Joaquin, Fresno and Orange will each grow between 1 and 1.5 million people by 2050.
Sutter County is expected to more than triple in size and to experience the greatest percentage
increase over the 50-year period 255 percent.

Yuba, Madera, Kern, and San Joaquin will demonstrate a shift in growth away from the coast. Only one place may see a population decline by 2050-Sierra.

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