Balboa Island Halloween Downsized, But Still a Fright


Tourists from around the world are wandering Balboa Island and marveling at the Halloween decorations. Though dozens of new boutiques have opened this past year, and some have disappeared, the stores aren't decking out for Halloween quite as much as the past. People are looking but not buying as much as past times. Yet, several houses on Bayfront have brought back the Halloween tradition with their decorations, and one hired the pros to come in again and do it up from the first floor to the cupola where ghosts fly around in a circle at night.

While many Balboa residents are focused on Christmas (Newport Beach has the oldest Christmas Boat Parade in California,) the tourists are delighted to see pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, skeletons, ghosts, witches, and toads. Happy Halloween along the waterfront!

Getting there: Take the Balboa Island Ferry on foot ($1 each way) and walk the island on Bayfront till you get to Marine Ave. Turn left and view the downtown shop window displays or buy a Balboa Bar. Little Balboa seems to have less decor this year, so you may want to forgo it if you're strictly looking for Halloween treats.

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