Bikini Season in December, Men Get Help at Ann Taylor


Swimuits left to right: Reina de la Jungla 1 piece print $188 on; middle two swimsuits are by Manglar Swimwear (; right suit is Amazonia Dorada $200 by Aguaclara

If you live in Caracas, Venezuela, the temperature is a blissful 77 degrees Fahrenheit today! Swimsuit manufacturers from the northern coast of South America are enjoying brisk sales of their sizzling bikini and swimsuits, many that Californians can buy online for the next warm day along our coastal beaches. It’s just one gift idea for your holiday list!

JUST FOR THE GUYS! If you’re a guy, you might not actually know where your girlfriend or wife’s clothes come from. You just want to give gifts that will make them smile. Find out if she wears clothing from Ann Taylor stores because there’s a special event on Dec. 19, 2013 from 6 to 8 p.m. for men in which the store has set aside this special time for the sales clerks to help guys make their holiday buys.

HOW IT WORKS: Women who love Ann Taylor can make their wish list in store or online at to give to their guy. During the event, in-store stylists will help the men check off the items on the list. Drinks & special gifts will be provided. There will also be an opportunity to win a trip to Las Vegas!


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