Brothels, Bites and Booze Tours of Gaslamp San Diego

The Gaslamp Quarter, once the redlight district of the city, hasn't given up its hedonistic ways. Still known as party central, no visit to San Diego would be complete without visiting the restaurants, hotels, nightlife, and special events that make Gaslamp one of the top destinations in downtown San Diego.

A new tour helps you get acquainted with the food, the booze, and the lore that surrounds this unique neighborhood. While the focus is mostly on food (tour guides take you to places to taste pizza, drink tequila and sample sweets,) you'll also learn about the ladies of the night, the ghosts that remain and all the infamous gents who came to town for "entertainment".

If most cities have skeletons, as the tour guide suggests, Brothels, Bites, and Booze: a Culinary Tour of SD's Questionable Past will showcase many in the what was once known as "Stingaree District". Opium dens, gambling parlors, and brothels fill the imagination in the 1.25 mile walking, eating and boozin' fest that starts at one of retired-Wyatt Earp's old gambling saloons. You head across the street to Krust for some NY style pizza in the historic Keating Hotel (built in 1891, and one of the most advanced/prestigious buildings of the time), and then tasting at Rock Bottom Brewery. That's just for starters!

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