Calico Ghost Town Haunted Halloween Magic


Yermo, CA- "Ghost town" is in the name and in the very being of Calico, located in the California desert near Yermo. The authentic ghost town comprised of actual buildings from California ghost towns is a state park visitors can enjoy throughout the year. When Halloween arrives, however, the Old West-themed visitor attraction springs into action full throttle with Ghost Haunt.

Underground crevices of Maggie's Mine provide hauntingly eerie decor, inviting the not-so faint of heart to walk through and brace yourselves! Creepy clowns in a maze constructed around the Mystery Shack, and an authentic vaudeville freak show like they had in the 1890's when Barnum and Bailey toured the countryside in tents displaying oddities and humanly impossible stunts, attract some of the oldsters as well as younger thrill-seekers. Fire eaters, sword swallowers and contortionists, and Children of Chaos with two-headed calves and other amazements promise a unique Halloween different from the theme park haunt attractions.

Appearing will be Vincent Lords, who is often compared to David Blaine and Chris Angel for his ability to surpass any mental doubt or fear in death defying feats. Lords supercharges hypnotism and will bend your mind like no other.

The Last Ride, a coffin set in a mortuary is just waiting for you. Step inside and pull the lid shut and enjoy the feeling of being sent down, down, down as if buried alive! It's certain to pull a scream from the deepest crevice of your throat!

Haunted hayrides, a cemetery walk, trick or treating, costume contest and much more await you at Calico Ghost Town's Ghost Haunt in October.

Calico Ghost Town is located off the Ghost Town exit on I-15 between Los Angeles and Las Vegas . Camping is available and may be booked online at There are also cabins and bunkhouses available for rent and may be reserved by calling the park directly at 800-86-CALICO.

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