The Shining Stars of Holidays in California are Poinsettias

If someone tells you they want to stop on the way home and pick up some Ice Punch, Eggnog, Shimmer, Peppermint Twist or Strawberries & Cream, you probably think they're referring to a new ice cream flavor. But in the world of flowers, these names are varieties of poinsettias you'll see gracing tables, surrounding trees and planted in yards or sitting in a pot on someone's front porch. At Knott's Berry Farm there's often an entire Christmas tree standing over 20 feet made entirely of bright red poinsettias.

California offers fantastic climate for growing these plants that at one time could be seen off the 1-5 Freeway in North San Diego County. The Ecke family is synonymous with poinsettias and in 2010 the company showcased Jubilee Red, Red Glitter (the plant literally looks like glitter with its sparkled pattern of red and cream colors) and White Star - Polar Bear.

If you want to know how to purchase and care for a poinsettia....

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