County Lines Get No Respect

The California County Line is usually designated by a green road sign. When you pass from one county to another on a highway drive, you'll often see the counties whiz by, according to the signs. While cities jockey for visibility and sometimes sport fancy fixtures- monikers to brand the city and hopefully help their coffers- the counties get no respect.

County signs are green, metal signs with white letters painted on them. Sometimes the county sign is surrounding by other signs, it may be leaning over, or it make be obscured by the wild grasses that grow around it.

It's hard to say that there are some really cool county signs in California. They pretty much look the same. All you can admire are the surroundings where the sign is posted.

There are 58 California counties, and many are a source of pride to residents. Here are interesting county side-notes:

Of course everyone knows that Los Angeles County is the most populated county in California.

San Francisco County is nearly completely comprised of the City of San Francisco.

Alpine County has no stoplights.

Orange County no longer has orange crops. It's the county that went bankrupt, and continued to have some of the wealthiest zip codes in the U.S. during that time (still does.)

San Mateo County claims the San Francisco Airport within its bounds. People think the airport is in San Francisco, but it's really in Burlingame.

Nevada County is in California, though it borders the State of Nevada.

Around 10 counties have Spanish names that begin with San (masculine) or Santa (feminine).

Can you guess what Lake County is named for?



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